Sunday, November 22, 2009

michel on a hard decision!

This is changaw!she's my personal assistant
i couldn't decide...but promise i will always stay humble, but I would be a joker too!lol!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

who i am?

Michel J. Canoy was born on the 2nd day of July 1985. The only son of Mr. and Mrs. Amado and Elena Canoy. Amythyst Joy J. Canoy, this is the name of my one and only sister. I grew up with an ambitious goals in life, but i am happy to have a very fun childhood. I finished my grade school on the year 1997, then my highschool on 2001. After my graduation in highschool, I was just forced by my mother to take eng'g course. Luckily I had earned that degree, but for six years, not easy enough to take it seriously. I graduated with a degree of Bachelor of Science in Environmental Engineering. However, i realized that life is not a funny and easy. I have to find a source of income to help my parents in the education of my sister (she's now taking nursing course at brent hospital and colleges inc.). i just rested for 2 months after my graduation in college, then I was lucky to be hired as wastewater treatment plant operator at columbus seafoods corporation, a century pacific group. Afterwards, lucky enough because I was reassigned/transferred to other department as an Industrial Engineering Staff. The challenging position desired by other CSC staffs. We were four that time (during interview), i was very tense because the other applicants were actually an Industrial and Management Eng'g graduate, ECE graduate, and I think the other one was a Mechanical Engr. With the grace of god and of course "prayer", I was chosen to have that designation. Presently, Im still connected with Columbus Seafoods Corporation. But of course, I still have plans to go abroad and look for a greener the way im so very happy, because our organization is now sec registered, and we are still working for the completion of other registrations, such as the logo of the org. and others pertinent documents. in behalf of the Society of Environmental Engineers of the Philippines INC., I am inviting all Environmental Engineering graduates to pls. join and support our organization. We have a lot of plans for national recognition of this group, like we are planning to have a seminars, workshops, trainings, and other environmental awareness programs or even more ;0)